Book & Beard

In 2014 the Metropolitan Museum of Art released over 400,000 hi-res images of art into the public domain for non-commercial use. At the time I was spending most days in the university fine art library and couldn't resist scrolling through the archives. After a few days I had amassed a curious collection of anonymous portraits of bearded men by unknown artists. It felt as though I had discovered a series of books, worn with age and page turnings, but now forgotten and lost upon high shelves. It became apparent that the only thing left to do was create these new stories of art.

Like that? Try this!

Still Photography - The Making of
Digital PhotographyFine ArtsPhotography
Still Photography
Fine ArtsPhotographyVideo Arts
CLIF bars
In the Process of Becoming
Digital PhotographyFine ArtsPhotography
Pantone Project - High Definition
Art DirectionFine ArtsPhotography
Glass Coca-Cola Can
Creative DirectionPhotographyRetouching
I Let You Call Me Stevesy
Creative DirectionPhotographyRetouching
This Was Not Faked in Photoshop
Digital ImagingFine ArtsPhotography
Invisible Digital
PhotographyFine Arts
Looking Art in the Eyes
AnimationFine ArtsPhotography
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