Looking Art in the Eyes

"Looking Art in the Eyes: Faces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art," is a stop-motion animation created from a single day's whirlwind tour of the museum. Over the course of several hours I photographed every piece of art on display which I could look in the eyes, captured in roughly chronological order. The resulting conceptual adventure allows the viewer to reconnect with the history of art on a newly personal level. Those more curious are encouraged to randomly stop the video periodically, as if playing a game of art history roulette.

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Book & Beard
In the Process of Becoming
Digital PhotographyFine ArtsPhotography
Classic Liquor Glass
Art DirectionPhotographyRetouching
Pantone Project - High Definition
Art DirectionFine ArtsPhotography
This Was Not Faked in Photoshop
Digital ImagingFine ArtsPhotography
Glass Coca-Cola Can
Creative DirectionPhotographyRetouching
I Let You Call Me Stevesy
Creative DirectionPhotographyRetouching
CLIF bars
Still Photography - The Making of
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